The Stiletto Heel, High Fashion For The Ages

The Stiletto heel; an iconic symbol of femininity and power, worn today by fashion focused women all over the world.The pointed toe and slender heel are a sexy, but classic fashion statement that screams luxury!

Stilettos! These pretty pumps have been protecting my peds since I could wear a shoe…I have even put them on to go grab my Amazon packages! Well, I don’t know if all of that was the truth… but you get the point. I am obsessed with shoes and especially the sought after stiletto because of my height. My mother and younger sister are very tall and somehow I’m the oldest and the shortest. My Stiletto’s made me feel tall, confident and truth be told I got more eyeballs!

So, who brought the Stiletto heels from its humble beginnings to becoming a wardrobe staple, no really, who created the first stiletto? Well, depending on who you talk to, the answer can widely differ….let’s trace the lifeline of this ever-so-trendy footwear.

Some say that the high heel dates back to the 16th century but has since evolved into what we know today as ‘stiletto heels’. They say it was originally designed by Italian shoemaker Gucci to provide extra support for women’s feet in 1953. This shoe featured a pointed toe and a slim heel that was 4 inches tall. And since then, the stiletto pump has become a fashion staple and is now seen as a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

However, according to others, the stiletto heel was first seen in the 1930s, named after a slender Italian dagger from the Renaissance period. It was made popular by Roger Vivier’s designs for Christian Dior in the 1950s.

I think I like the second story better because I am a romantic and that story suits my reality better than the good ole’ “done for support line”! Also, anyone that has earned their stripes in a pair of stilettos will know that there are some very uncomfortable and unsupportive models.

Today, high heels are seen as an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe and can be found in almost any color or pattern imaginable. As you can see, the inventor of this long and thin, often steel-spiked heel remains disputed today, but one thing is certain!

These shoes are not just shoes, they are a lifestyle, they are investments, they adorn you as an extension of who you are for the night or IRL. Something this special and coveted should be taken care of to not only secure your investment, but to keep them looking like new from the inside.

I know I did not clear up who invented the stiletto, but after hearing the dagger story does it really matter???? That’s the one I am sticking to!


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Amy A.