Get The Schmutz Out Before Putting Your Besties To Bed!

Get The Schmutz Out Before Putting Your Besties To Bed!

Ladies, let's face it - brushing your teeth and washing your face is just the beginning of a beautiful bedtime routine, but don't forget those beautiful besties that made the look for you all night. Sure, your shoes shine on the outside, but what about that hidden monster lurking in your shoe's depths, just waiting to come out and ruin the whole evening? I have a name for this stuff: Schmutz - yep, this stuff deserves its own unflattering title! So, now that you know what your besties are going through for you, give them a bit of TLC before slipping into dreamland – Schmutzes is an insole wipe to remove any dirt or grime from your sole-mates, ensuring they wake up looking as beautiful the morning after as they did the night before!

The Importance of Preserving The Insoles of Your Besties

Leather insoles are truly the hidden gems of footwear - usually tucked away from sight, but oh-so-important. Elite designers recognize this and make sure their shoes have them built in, ensuring luxuriously comfy couture every single time. But your shoe insole is like a hotbed for bacteria lurking just beneath the surface of your beloved red bottoms. Not only does this leave an unwelcome bouquet, but it can also damage the value of the shoes and can be a health issue. Make sure they stay luxurious and look great, proper TLC is essential. Treat your besties to the luxurious bedtime routine they deserve - use a Schmutzes cleaning cloth to wipe away any build-up and make them shine so you can strut in style the next time you take them out to play!

How To Clean The Schmutz

Your sole-mates must be pampered! And since not all of us have access to specially formulated shoe cleaning products like Schmutzes, don't sweat - here are some tips for you. Don't go overboard with moisture-loving products! We put it through its paces and found that saturation of insoles will damage shoes fast - trust us on that one. Instead, use H2O as a base for your cleaning solution, then add just ONE tiny drop of dish soap into the mix before taking a soft cotton cloth and giving those soles an extra gentle scrub down. To keep your kicks from kicking the bucket, air dry them in a bright room with an optimal temperature for mold prevention. Keep repeating this process until you get the results you want. Now, you can go through all that effort or get yourself a Schmutzes Insole Wipe and have your shoes shining like new in no time!

Get The Schmutz Out Before Turning Out The Lights

Ahh, Schmutzes. A true miracle worker in eliminating dirt, dust, and grime from the soles of those beautiful high heels you love to wear on special nights out. Of all the things we do before bed each night, ensuring your leather luxuries are properly cleaned is just as important as brushing your teeth and washing your face; after all, what’s a great night to remember if you don’t have fabulous shoes to remind you? These little footwear wipes can keep even the finest leather insoles looking top-notch through rain or shine. So get the Schmutz out of any shoe that needs it tonight. Just remember my three-step process - wipe, sparkle, and walk. You'll be ready to hit the streets in style! -XOXO, Amy A.
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