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Wipe. Sparkle. Walk.

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Why Use Schmutzes?

Schmutzes Wipes are easy to use, making them the perfect choice for anyone who wants to keep their luxury shoes looking and smelling great. Simply remove a wipe from the pack, unfold it, and wipe down the insoles of your shoes. The wipes are also portable, making them ideal for on-the-go cleaning.

Don’t let schmutz ruin your style. With Schmutzes Wipes, you can keep your luxury shoes looking and smelling like new, no matter where your day takes you. Try them today and experience the difference for yourself!

Wipe. Sparkle. Walk.
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Schmutzes is the world's first luxury footwear wipe.

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Schmutzes are designed and formulated specifically to cleanse the inside of your cherished leather insole footwear.

It’s perfect for restoring that new shoe feel and is gentle to your sole-mates, keeping them clean and fresh for years.

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A clean, confident step starts on the inside.

Schmutzes 20-Count Flow Pack

Our 20-Count Flow pack is the perfect closet companion to clean your luxury kicks! This high quality flow pack is designed for you to take a single wipe and keep the rest moist and ready to go. Designed for those that have a luxury shoe collection or those that simply like to take care of their hygiene and leather goods. If you have shoes, you have Schmutz…let Amy help you get it out!

Schmutzes on the go, single use sachets.

Schmutzes are currently available in 15 pack boxes. Wipes are conveniently packaged in single use sachets to bring with you in case of “emergencies” on the road.  

Schmutzes Gift Box

For yourself or the shoe lover in your life!

Each gift box contains two 15 pack Schmutzes boxes (30 Sachets), plus 1 “Get the Schmutz Out!” T-shirt, and Schmutzes snapback hat.

Based on 7 reviews
Annelise Schwier
Annelise Schwier
August 10, 2023
Incredible new product! I do not wear socks with my shoes and these shoe wipes are my best kept secret! The wipe keeps them fresh and new feeling every wear!
Brooke Francis
Brooke Francis
July 10, 2023
These luxury wipes are the real deal. I love being able to grab a wipe from my bag wherever I am and clean my shoes! As Amy says, "Wipe. Sparkle. Walk." is possible with these wipes!
Grace Smith Wilkerson
Grace Smith Wilkerson
June 29, 2023
Just fabulous! My shoes look brand new. Wiped them completely clean. These wipes are amazing and have made all my shoes look like they are brand new. Thank you Schmutzes!
Margo Kohlhoff
Margo Kohlhoff
June 26, 2023
Schmutzes are a fantastic addition to my shoe collection! No harsh chemicals on my nice shoes, and they are just the right size for cleaning the insoles. I even tried them on the white leather trim of my sequined “sneakers” and they worked like a charm. Love that they are individually packaged, and they are great for traveling. No more “toe marks” on my shoes!
Monica Dunn
Monica Dunn
June 23, 2023
Wipe…Sparkle….Walk is an understatement. These wipes were amazing and really showed me how well they worked. My daughter-in-law was recently getting married and she began to wear her wedding shoes so they would be more comfortable before her big day. While doing this she had schmutzs on the inside of her shoe and with one wipe they were good as new! These are a must try you won’t be disappointed.
Sarah Milligan
Sarah Milligan
June 21, 2023
These shoe wipes are so long overdue! Even my foot feels cleaner after stepping into my shoes treated by Schmutzes!
June 17, 2023
Serving lux shoe Confidence all over again. Love me my Shmutzes!
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